July 31, 2016



. .is an on demand showcase on the American Lifestyle Media Roku Channel with an eye on the overseas market. We feature music based on the Blues and all its derivatives. We offer unsigned and signed musicians the opportunity to place high quality music videos on television. The theory is having your video available for on demand viewing via television is more impressive to fans, promoters, producers, agents, managers and labels than being on YouTube.

Built on the Blues™ programming is produced by musicians for musicians. Believe me, we have subscribed to all the self-promotion sites and with some success. But compared to the money paid every month for the chance to submit for an opportunity, this is a tangible investment. Our mission at Built on the Blues is “Do for others as you would have others do for you”. Our goal is to give hard working musicians the means to have their music seen, heard and downloaded in 122 countries.


How to get your video in :

  • Submit your family friendly music video.
  • Minimum length: 2:30 — Maximum length: 5:00.
  • Original content is important, be creative and you must submit a high quality HD video.
  • Your video will be available on demand for one quarter (3 months) if selected. We do not promise to put all submissions into rotation. You will be notified by email if you are selected.
  • Your video will be listed for on demand play under title and artist
  • And it will be featured on the Built on the Blues webpages while in rotation. If you are selling online, we will include a link to your download site.
  • If your video is chosen for rotation there will be a one time fee of $25.00
  • Once in rotation we will pass on any inquires that come in for your band.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch: submit, be selected, pay and be played.